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Dear Authors !! We invite your Research Papers for The AUGUST Volume which is to be Published on 25th AUGUST 2018

IJRSET invites your research paper for the First International E-Conference on Science Engineering and Technology in the Stream of Computer Science ,Electronics Communication and Information Technology

IJRSET Intenational E- Conference Registration Started for queries mails us :




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IJRSET follows a strict blind peer-review programme, wherein the reviewers are not aware of the identities of the authors of the papers which are being reviewed by them. The IJRSET reviewers are selected after thorough screening process.

We aim to reach a first decision on all manuscripts within 4-6 days of submission. Rejection is often much quicker than this, however, and we reject about two thirds of all submissions without external peer review.

About half the original research articles we receive are rejected after review in house, usually by two or more editors. We aim to do this quickly so that we do not waste authors' time, allowing them to get on and submit the work elsewhere without unnecessary delay. The usual reasons for rejection at this stage are insufficient originality, or the absence of a message that is important to a general computer science audience - leading us to the decision that, essentially, we do not think the IJRSET is the right journal for the work.

IJRSET has a process of inviting applications from prospective reviewers. However, the publisher also individually contacts and invites competent individuals to join the esteemed board of IJRSET reviewers.



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